Past Projects




This is a list of project titles and destinations to give you an idea of what has been achieved by students in the past, and what types of project are available at which destinations.


Student Title Destination
Richard Applin Analysis of pseudo noise sequences in digital transmissiohn Lund
Simon Bird Study of membranes in fuel cells Prague
James Bishop Use of neural networks to solve a problem of hydrology Rennes
Lee Brun Polyamide 6 absorbs water from atmosphere and suffers changes in its mechanical properties Santander
David Carter Influence of molecular structure on post yield behaviour of amorphous polymers Eindhoven
Andrew Collier Studying the strength of steel palette shelving Santander
Jonathon Down Computational analysis of thermal power plants Stuttgart
John Dry Characterisation of metal powders and their reactions at high temperatures Lund
Andrew Edwards To experimentally study the effect of welding procedure on the mechanical behaviour of INCONEL 690 alloy Santander
Michael Goulden Design of Channel Encoder for Mobile Radio Lund
Richard Greet Geotechnical (exact title unknown) Santander
Simon Heckford Design an electric sports car Lund
Duncan Hollis Mode shapes study of concrete composite columns Rennes
Benjamin Howard Modellisation of the Menard pressiometer Rennes
Syed Hussaini Study of the feasibility and partial realisation of a system for numerical transmission Bordeaux
Stephen Jago Study of Droplet Cooling and Evaporation Modena
Tom Leschaeve Rake receiver structures for DS/CDHA over multipath fading Modena
Darren Luff Digital image correlation applied to scanning electron microscope Eindhoven
Matthew Moore Installation of Engine Test Bench for Automatic Motor Optimisation at IVK/FKFS Stuttgart
Dewi Morris Study of the feasibility and partial realisation of a system for numerical transmission Bordeaux
Tristan Toynbee Literature study into the required rotation capacity of structural systems Stuttgart
Alexandra Webber Comparative study between British and Spanish pavement designs Santander
Gregory Wazacz Geotechnical aspects of the reconstruction of Noto Cathedral damaged by earthquake December 1990 Catania
Daniel Wilcox Effect of dental implants on bone tissues in terms of stress concentration Modena
Mark Yeo Analysis of press fitting crankpin into web of crankshafts for two stroke engines Modena
Student Title Destination
Adrian Trimmings Timber Strength Testing Lund
Philip Knapton (Internet related) Lund
Robert Barningham Flow measurements in Boeing 747 engine using pulse laser Lund
Edward Todd A web-based system for evaluation of waste water Catania
Simon Devoy Stability analysis of the Randazzo landslide Catania
George Tunnicliffe Experimental analysis of the behaviour of geosynthetic interfaces for geotechnical applications Catania
Rebecca Fletcher Heat transfer in droplets onto composite surfaces Modena
Tom Jenkins Time division duplex, 3rd generation mobile phones Modena
Ian Carlisle Prototype dual slope analogue to digital converter Eindhoven
Michael Hutchings The effect of accelleration on drag of particles and drops Eindhoven
Atul Jewitt An energy balance approach to crack arrest Santander
Klaire Evans Light concrete with a wood base Rennes
Abigail Leigh Light concrete with a wood base Rennes
Student Title Destination
Sam Crawley Pipeline oversize in order to avoid failure for the duration of design Santander
Gavin Way Economic impact of corrosion in the marine sector Santander
Ben Maughan Development of circuits for power conversion - modification of a physical prototype and testing and comparison with computational simulation Santander
Glenn Stevens Software development using Java (OOP) to simulate electronic control systems Santander
Humphrey Carter Test of carbon composite shaft Prague
Naomi Gornall Water purification using ion exchange Prague
James Burt Development of HEXA robot INSA-Rennes
Alex Farrow Analysis of deep foundation settlement using a finite element approach Catania
Richard Alker Condensation in plate heat exhangers : improvement of engineering design methods Lund
Oliver Levantine The design of a robotic arm for use on wheelchairs Lund
Mark Parker Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engine - Fuel Rich Mixtures Lund
James Giddy Modelling the failure mechanics of frost damaged Carbon fibre plate bonded reinforced concrete beams Lund
Orlando Valota Analysis of roller pressure in a leather carding machine Modena
Neil Tulloch Design and development of a joystick control using rapid prototyping and reverse engineering techniques Modena
Andrew Hollis Investigation into the bonding of plasma coated layers using a multi-access machining centre Modena
Student Title Destination
Tom Bentley To design and put in place a practical experiment on heat transfer at ICAM Nantes ICAM Nantes
Jamie Kilvington Gaining an understanding of computer networking within a university, with a view to suggesting areas of improvement within the performance of the network system Catania
Sarah Willson Gaining an understanding of computer networking within a university, with a view to suggesting areas of improvement within the network security Catania
Chris Poczka Radial and Torsional Loads on Crankshafts in Hydraulic Motors Modena
Adam Roberts Advanced Post Process Treatments for Selective Laser Sintered Metals Modena
Daniel Laessing Numerical Simulation of Overtopping of Vertical Breakwaters Santander
Rodrigo Schwabe Design of an Air Conditioning System using Solar Energy Santander
Nicholas Contopoulous Investigation into Bored, Cast In Place Non-Displacement Piles Santander
Andrew Duncan Aliphatic Polyesters as PVC Plasticisers - Correlations between Molecular Weight, Mechanical Properties and Migration Rate Stockholm
Robert Thomson An Investigation into the Geotechnical Properties of Loess using different testing methods Stuttgart
Rebecca Hughes An Investigation into the Mixing of Immiscible Fluids Stuttgart
Student Title Destination
Gert Van Tonder GUI Filter Design Application in Matlab for Digital Signal Processing ENSEIRB, Bordeaux
Anthony Lindley Comparison between Analytically and Computationally Calculated Results for the Stress in a Plate Under Tension. Santander
Jenny Landamore Steel Footbridge Design with Finite Element Modelling Santander
Nigel Rowcliffe An FE Investigation into the Techniques used in analysing Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment CTU Prague
Paul Belle A Numerical Study on Inlet Flow to a Wind Generator Located Behind a Porous Volume CTU Prague
Martin Beable Heat Transfer from a Rotating Disc to Impinging Coaxial Annular Incompressible Jet Flow - a Numerical Analysis CTU Prague
David Costello CFX Modelled Rifled Tube Eindhoven


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