Sex work and Sexual Exploitation in the European Union

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Female, Male, Transgender & Child prostitution, Sex Worker, Client Pimp...


Some argue that Prostitution in all its forms is equal to an abuse of fundamental human rights


Others argue Prostitution should be recognised as a legal form of employment


Does the Sex Industry drive new technologies? How can new technologies be useful to sex workers?


United Kingdom Republic of Ireland Spain Italy Greece Austria France Germany Denmark Finland Sweden Portugal Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg

How many sex workers are there in the EU?


What nationality are prostitutes working in the EU? How many are EU citizens? What forces push or pull sex workers to western Europe?


What is Trafficking in Human Beings? How many foreign sex workers are trafficked to the EU?  How is the international community responding?


The Netherlands led the way in legalising prostitution to promote health and combat trafficking, but what are the justifications for this move and does it work?


Arranged by topic and country, the links in this section provide further sources of information on the sex industry in Europe


Otherwise please follow a link below or click on the map to view the prostitution situation in a country









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