Bill Tupman's Working Papers

Most of these papers were either published in collections of conference papers that are not widely available, published in another language, or are first drafts of work later published in substantially different form. I have made them available here for student use, but colleagues may also find arguments that were cut from final versions for reasons of space or style. Please cite them as Working paper No….and the title as given, if using them in essays, or mirabile dictu, a similar working paper, book or article


'The Ethical Implications of the New Criminal Justice Technologies"

XIIth Higher Police Course, Giardini Naxos 1989


'Demographic Change - a Political Scientist's Perspective

XIIth Higher Police Course Nicosia Cyprus 1990


'Minorities and Law and Order' XIIth Higher Police Course, Nicosia, Cyprus 1990


"Why West Europe must assist East Europe before its problems become our problems" IHESI Paris 1992


"The democratisation of police services in the new Community of Independent States" Original text of article published in French in Cahiers de Securite Interieur No 8 Fev/Avr 1992 pp23-35


"The Police, Ethics and Social Change" Messina 1993,


" Sociological Consequences of the return to the Market economy for the Police" Messina 1993


"Police Training Requirements in the face of new types of crime"

Key-note address to International Conference on "Policing the New Europe" San Sebastian1994


"Don't leave it all to Sergeant Neptune" Original working paper from which 2 articles were published in Policing and Policing Today. 1995


"Personal Computer Data: its Use and Abuse in Police Work" XVIIth Higher Police Course 1995


"Computer Databases and Networks: their use and abuse in Police work" 6th National/2nd European Conference on Law and Computing, University of Herts, April 1998


"Turning a Blind Eye" Conference on comparing Italian and English miscarriages of justice, University of Palermo, Italy, June 1998 version published in Europa [an electronic journal]


"Lenin, Gramsci and responses to contemporary Eastern European Organised Crime" XVth International Symposium on Organised and Economic Crime, Jesus College, Cambridge, September 1998


"Criminological data and its application to police and judicial investigation" XXth Higher Police Course, Catania, Italy, October 1998


"Rights and the "proactive investigation": new issues or the same old story?" Paper presented to Centre for Law and Society Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh November 1998


OLAF AND THE WISE MEN: Investigating Fraud within the European Commission as opposed to Fraud against the European Budget. September 1999