Microeconomics 2004-2005:

Lecturer: Dr. Todd R. Kaplan
Home page: www.toddkaplan.com

Homework 3 answer key and marks are on the page (minor correction to the answer of June 2003 exam question 1.3). Good luck on the exam!

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Math Review Topics

Exercise 1 (for tutorials)

Exercise 1 Answer Key

Exercise 2 (for tutorials)

Exercise 2 Answer Key

Exercise 3

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Exercise 4

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Homework 1 (due Nov. 22)

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Homework 3

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Article on Profit questionaire

Your data on profit in Excel

Tutorials are divide according to the following groups: Groupings

The math tutorial questions were: Tutorial Math Exercise

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Lecture Handouts:

Introduction October 4

Topic 1: Rental Market Example, Pareto Optimatity, Envy Free October 7, 11

Topic 2: Consumer Theory: Budget Sets, Food Stamps and other examples. October 14, 18, 21

Topic 3: Preferences: Ordering, Transitivity, Condercet Paradox, Indifference curves, Convexity. October 25, 28

Topic 4: Utility. November 1

Topic 5: Choice. November 8

Topic 6: Comparitive Statics. November 15

Topic 7: Compensation. November 25

Topic 8: Network Externalities. December 2

Topic 9: Technology December 6th

Topic 10: Profit Maximization December 9th

Topic 11: Cost Minimization January 10th

Topic 12: Cost Functions January 17th

Topic 13: Monopoly February 7th

Topic 14: Bertrand Competition February 14th

Topic 15: Cournot and Stackelberg February 17th

Topic 16: Price discrimination February 24th

Topic 17: Game Theory March 7th

Topic 18: Auctions March 14th