Spot My Difference

for the PC

by Andrew

Spot My Difference is a Spot the Difference game that allows use of pairs of photographs edited in graphics software such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. As well as the gameplay mode (with options controlling the number of lives, time limits and multiplayer options), there is a facility to interactively define the differences between pairs of photographs, creating the datafile necessary to use the photographs in the software.

The software is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 5. In addition to the executable file, a number of library files (dll, ocx and tlb) are written to the system by the installation program, along with three wave audio files: correct.wav, wrong.wav and outoftime.wav. These may be replaced by other sound files.

NEW Version 1.1.2 Playlist facility added so you can send packs of photos to your friends and they can easily load them into the game without altering the main configuration settings.

Download using the links below.

User Guide (215 kB) (this is also included in the setup download and installed into the installation folder)

Installation Setup (4.6 MB)

Source Code (for programmers wishing to view or modify the code) (74 kB)

Unzip the downloaded file and run setup.exe to install. On the second prompt (where the installation folder is set), click the button with the icon of a computer to start setup.

The installation includes a small number of sample photos installed into the application folder.

You must add at least one set of pictures (either from the samples or photos you have prepared using the program's Learn Mode) to the pictures list in Configuration before a game will run - either select No at the initial prompt or Configure... on the main game screen.