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Some of the same considerations that apply to Creative Writing also apply to more discursive forms of writing.

The academic paper, the essay, the report, the dissertation, the scholarly article, are also literary forms. This means that they are governed by a set of conventions shared by the writer and the reader, which have to do with content and style i.e. with what is said and how it is said.

Roughly speaking, in Discursive Writing what is said matters most. In Creative Writing how it is said matters much more.

For example, the paraphrase of a poem is generally not a poem at all.

The difference between the two kinds of writing is a difference in emphasis.

Some of the same problems and difficulties arise when you're getting started on a report or a paper, and some of the same methods of dealing with the difficulties are useful.


However, with discursive writing it is the questions you ask and their implications that have to be worked through and expanded rather than the patterns inherent in a story or an image.


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