Exeter Biomechanics Research Team (ExBiRT)


Sharon Dixon, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Dr Sharon Dixon's main research interest is in the mechanisms of overuse injury, with a particular focus on the biomechanics of running.  Following Ph.D. research investigating the influence of heel lift devices on the loading of the Achilles tendon (Loughborough University), Dr Dixon held post-doctoral research positions at the Universities of Nottingham and Calgary.  Recent research projects have involved the study of the influence of changes in sports surface cushioning on running biomechanics.

Current research projects include the study of:

bullethuman adaptation to changes in material of the impact interface in running,
bulletshoe and surface manipulation on the internal loading of body structures,
bulletthe use of plantar pressures to predict injury susceptibility,
bulletthe potential of orthotic devices to reduce injury in military recruits,
bulletthe influence of different shock-absorbing insoles in combat boots.

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