Exeter Biomechanics Research Team (ExBiRT)



Research Interests

Research interests include focus on injury mechanisms and on rehabilitation:

Injury Mechanisms:

bulletHuman adaptation to changes in material properties of the impact interface in running
bulletModelling the lower limb to investigate the influence of footwear and surface manipulation
bulletIntegration of podiatry and biomechanical methodology
bulletThe use of plantar pressures to identify appropriate footwear interventions and to predict injury susceptibility
bulletAnalysis of sports specific movement in the biomechanics laboratory
bulletIntegrating natural soil media and sustaining turf growth in the laboratory environment


bullet Prospective and randomly allocated trials evaluating the effects of surgical intervention and subsequent differential modes of rehabilitation in knees with ligament and hyaline cartilage deficiencies
bulletThe effects of physical rehabilitation on cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular pathophysiology of patients with renal disease


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