Exeter Biomechanics Research Team (ExBiRT)




The facilities of the Exeter Biomechanics Research Team include two motion analysis laboratories - one primarily for teaching and the other a dedicated gait analysis laboratory.  An additional muscle function laboratory contains a number of customised dynamometers, for the study of neuromechanical performance using combined dynamometry and electromyography (EMG).

Both motion analysis laboratories have force platforms installed flush with the surrounding floor surface.  In the gait laboratory, the force plates are adjustable to allow bilateral gait analysis of running for individuals of differing stride length.

The gait laboratory also contains an eight-camera realtime Peak motion analysis system (120 Hz).

Additional equipment includes:

-  pressure insoles (500 Hz, RSscan Ltd., Belgium)

-  pressure plate (500 Hz, RSscan Ltd., Belgium)

-  dynamometers

-  EMG

-  impact tester (ASTM , 2001: Test Method F1976-99)



Pressure Plate



Impact Tester

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