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this idea was awarded a SIAM student paper prize in 1999

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F1000 Biology recommendation

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+ a mathematical companion preprint

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reviewed in Nature Reviews Genetics

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this paper will be announced the winner of the 2012 Lee Segel Prize

And many thanks to Philip Maini for his: Editor’s Choice, 2013

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When the Most Potent Combination of Antibiotics Selects for the Greatest Bacterial Load: the Smile-Frown Transition

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reviewed in a few places

Pharma Mag

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The recent appearance of this article means our data must be accurate! :

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Nature Communications 2022 - Behind the paper community page


Amusing, perhaps not, that Creationists do not believe our paper shows any evidence of evolution (our E.coli did not turn into a man, apparently): this link.

It was (at least for a little while) one of PLoS Biology’s

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