List of Mines in North Devon and West Somerset

Florence Mine

Site Identification Number - 121

North Molton parish, Devon

NGR SS751.319.

Adits and shafts on three or four veins crossing Radworthy Down Cleave. Iron working (reputedly of 17th century origin but no documentary evidence) reopened in 1871 by Florence Mining Co.; taken over in 1880 by New Florence Mining Co. who worked it until 1888. There was then limited activity until 1893. Reopened again in 1918 by South Western Mining Syndicate but soon closed. In 1942 the mine was reopened during investigations into home iron resources but there was little or no production. Linked to main line railway at South Molton by tramway 1871-88. Brick built boiler house and some machinery survive on site from workings of 1918 and 1942. (Plan of site in Wilson-North 1996, p. 141) (Details of tramway to main line railway at South Molton, see Atkinson 1997, p. 154-5)
For brief details of iron and copper mining in this parish see Atkinson 1997, pp. 37-9 and 42-55 respectively.

Note - the authorís view of copper/gold mining development in this parish is not in agreement with that expressed by Dixon in Atkinson 1997. See Claughton Jan 1997 for areas of disagreement.


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Last modified 23 May 1998