List of Mines in North Devon and West Somerset

Girt and Holdstone Downs Mine.

Site Identification Number - 098

Combe Martin parish, Devon

NGR SS588.480. to 611.478.

On the coast north of the village Girt Down section is located to the west of Sherrycombe and Holdstone Down section is to the east. On Girt Down there are adits at the Rawns, just above HWM, and workings on the cliff top just west of the Rawns at 588480, in addition there are adits on the north side of Great Hangman at 600482. The workings on Holdstone Down consist of trial pits on the east side of Sherrycombe and across the south side of the down. A lease of both sections was granted in 1796 (as part of the manorial lands) but the extent of working is not known. The Girt Down section was worked for iron in 1867-8 by the West of England Iron Ore Co. In 1872 iron working recommenced on both sections and in 1875 the mine was taken over by the Girt and Holdstone Downs Mining Co. (wound up in 1876). In 1877 the mine was in the hands of the Combmartin Manganese and Haematite Iron Ore Co. who worked it for a short period only. Reputedly worked during the 1914-18 war. (Atkinson 1997, p. 32-3)
For details of the archaeology of silver-lead mining and smelting in this parish see Atkinson 1997, pp. 73-102.


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