List of Mines in North Devon and West Somerset

Old Combmartin Mine.

Site Identification Number - 091

Combe Martin parish, Devon

NGR SS588.464. (William's Shaft)

A silver-lead mine the workings of which are spread over much of the floor and sides of the Umber valley in the middle of the village. The main workings are on the northeast side of the valley to the east of the church. Ancient workings probably dating back to the 13th century and reworked 1528 under Hochstetter. Possibly site of Fayes Mine 1587-94; attempted reopening 1646-8 but old workings not drained. Intermittent attempts at reworking through 18th century. Reopened 1813 but closed after four years. Deep working 1835-1848. In 1876 that section around Harris's Shaft (58874654) reopened by Combmartin Mining Co. and worked until 1880. Remains (one wall and foundations only) of Cornish beam engine house with remote chimney at William's Shaft, angle/balance bob pit, buttressed walls retaining spoil, blacksmith's shop and dwelling based on account house. (Claughton,1991 and 1992a)
For details of the archaeology of silver-lead mining and smelting in this parish see Atkinson 1997, pp. 73-102.


Peter Claughton / Dept. of Economic and Social History
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