An e-mail discussion list covering all aspects of mining related to British and Irish sites.

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Mining-history is a forum for the discussion of all aspects of the history of mining and associated activity, including ore preparation, on-site smelting, transport systems, social conditions, etc., in a national (British and Irish) or international context.

The co-owners of the list are -

The mining-history list has been established for over two years. It is making an effective contribution to the study of mining history, bringing together diverse members of the academic community with an interest in the subject and, at the same time, providing links with a large and knowledgeable interest group outside higher education.

It also acts as a means of disseminating information - conferences, field meets, newspaper cuttings, book reviews - relating to mining interests. As a stimulant to discussion list members are asked to post queries or to question accepted views on anything relating to mining, be it coal, iron, non-ferrous metals, or stone.


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