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Statistical Sources

Some of the statistical sources listed below were published by command of the UK Parliament and are therefore included in the Parliamentary Papers held by many research libraries, either as original copy or on microfiche. They can also be accessed on-line at http://parlipapers.chadwyck.co.uk/home.do through subscribing organisations, universities or other higher education institutions - search titles under 'Mines and Minerals'. Such sources, which were published wholly or in part in the Parliamentary Papers, are noted with an asterix *.

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List of Mines *

Author: Great Britain. Mines Department.
Title: List of mines in Great Britain and the Isle of Man / United Kingdom.
Published: London.

Directory of Mines and Quarries

Author: British Geological Survey.
Title: List, later Directory of mines and quarries
Published: 1850; Keyworth, 1984 onwards (irregularly)

List of Quarries *

Author: Great Britain. Home Office, later Board of Trade Mines Department
Title: List of quarries (under the Quarries Act 1894) in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Isle of Man ...
Published: London (1896-1939)

Directory of Quarries and Pits

Publisher: Quarry Managersí Association, afterwards Institution of Quarry Managers, afterwards Institute of Quarrying (ENGLAND)
Title: The Directory of Quarries, Sandpits, Brickworks, etc. 1927(1929). (The Directory of Quarries, Clayworks, Sand and Gravel Pits, etc. 4th [etc.] edition. 1931 [etc.].).
Published: Birmingham, 1927 on.

Mineral Statistics *

(Full statistics in Parliamentary Papers from 1884, in summary only prior to that date)

Mines Inspectors Reports (Mines & Quarries Inspectors Reports) *

Mines and minerals : annual general report upon the mineral industry of the United Kingdom *

List of plans of abandoned mines *

Colliery Year Book

Published 1922 on

Mining Periodicals

Mining Journal

Published: London, weekly, 1835 onwards.

Mining World

Mining and Smelting Magazine

Quarterly Mining Review (later Mining Review)

Records of Mining (ed John Taylor) - only one volume published.

Colliery Guardian, including Colliery Guardian Annual Guide to the Coalfields.

Published 1858 onwards (Annual Guide from 1948 onwards)

South Wales Coal Annual

Iron & Coal Trades Review

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  1. Some statistics for non-ferrous metal mining have been collated by Burt et al., using material from the Mineral Statistics and Lists of Mines. For background information on the collation and the sources go to Exeter Mining History Research. Those collated statistics were published as follows-
  2. The BGS holding of the List of Mines, etc. - They have an almost complete set of 'List of Mines' and probably quarries from 1854 to 1950. Part of the problem is that they have bound the list together with that year's statistics and (in older editions at least) the list of abandonment plans - it thus appeared in the BGS catalogue as "Memoirs of the Geological Survey Mineral Statistics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland". In the older editions, the 'List of Mines' title is not used and the lists of coal pits appear as "Collieries in the United Kingdom" (Mike Gill - message to the mining-history list 12 August 2004).

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This listing is compiled from information submitted by researchers and librarians - please continue that by send details to the author P.F.Claughton@exeter.ac.uk

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