Kilgetty (Stepaside) Ironworks and Grove Colliery.

Conservation work carried out on behalf of Pembrokeshire County Council, 1997/8.


This was a mid 19th century iron works erected to take advantage of local anthracite and coal measure iron stone resources. For historical detail see Price, M. R. C., Industrial Saundersfoot, (Llandysul, 1982).

Work carried out.

On the ironworks site - the Platform building, formerly the workshops, smithy and sawmill for the ironworks, has been consolidated and the walls capped to prevent deterioration. A crack in the revetment wall behind, and to the west, of the casting shed has been repaired by using concealed bolts and cement mortar. As there were no foundations to the casting shed walls, and the front, east wall was begining to lean outwards, the walls were underpinned. No major work appears to have been carried out on the blowing engine house, although all woody growth has been removed from the walls.

On the colliery site - the Grovepit pumping engine house has been stabilised. This involved replacing the oak lintels with stainless steel reinforced concrete and using grey brick to replace missing stone reveals in the upper window openings.The workshop and winding house site to the south of the engine house remains untouched.

Throughout the sites, paths have been relaid and those paths following tramway routes remetalled over a membrane, leaving what remains of the archaeology undisturbed


Peter Claughton / Dept. of History
Last modified 10 December 2000