Edited by Michael Atkinson

A new publication covering the Exmoor National Park area of North Devon and West Somerset.

A long awaited book on the industrial archaeology of Exmoor, Somerset in the south-west of England, is now in the bookshops.

Exmoor's Industrial Archaeology, edited by Michael Atkinson, published by Exmoor Books, Tiverton, @ 14.95 Pounds Sterling, ISBN 0 86183 318 X


'To many people and especially the visitor to Exmoor, the area seems to be one of rural beauty, altered only by man's striving to eke out a living by farming the unforgiving uplands. Yet the curious traveller cannot fail to notice the remains of past industrial activity which evidence a rather different past. Exmoor has been the source of valuable raw materials such as copper, lead, silver and iron ores and quarried stone. The wool from its sheep and the power of its rushing streams gave rise to a textile trade, whilst a number of other small industries arose providing goods and materials to local industry, agriculture and the population at large. Cheap transportation was also a key to economic success and this meant not only shipping via Exmoor's coastal ports but the creation of roads, bridges and railways.

The many themes of industrial Exmoor are brought together here in one volume for the first time. Individual chapters cover the history, technology and remains of each industry. Expertly and colourfully written, the book is intended to inform, interpret and share with a wider public the enjoyment of understanding the evolution of Exmoor's industrial landscape.'


Peter Claughton / Dept. of History
Last modified 6 December 2000