Poems by Francis Beaumont: Contents


To The True Patroness of all Poetry, Calliope
The Author to the Reader
Salmacis and Hermaphroditus: or, The Hermaphrodite. (From Ovid).
The Remedy of Love (From Ovid).
The Conclusion
An Elegy on The Lady Markham
On the Marriage of a Beauteous Young Gentlewoman with an Ancient Man
The Glance
A Sonnet
True Beauty
The Indifferent
A Sonnet
A Funeral Elegy on the Death of The Lady Penelope Clifton
The Examination of his Mistress's Perfections
On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey
Mr. Francis Beaumont's Letter to Ben Jonson
Ad Comitissam Rutlandiae
An Elegy on the Death of the Virtuous lady Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland
To my Dear Friend M. Ben Jonson, upon his Fox (1605)
Upon the Silent Woman (1609)
To my Friend M. Ben Jonson, upon his Catiline (1611)
To my Friend mr. John Fletcher, upon his Faithful Shepherdess

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