Dramatis Personæ

ARBACES, King of Iberia.
TIGRANES, King of Armenia.
GOBRIAS, Lord-Protector, and Father of Arbaces.
MARDONIUS, two Captains.
LYGONES, Father of Spaconia.
Three Gentlemen.
Two Swordmen.
Three Men.
PHILIP, a Servant.
A Messenger.
A Servant to Bacurius.
A Boy.
ARANE, the Queen-Mother.
PANTHEA, her Daughter.
SPACONIA, a Lady, Daughter of Lygones.
MANDANE, a Waiting-woman; and other Attendants.
Two Citizens' Wives, and another Woman.
Scene: During the First Act, in the Frontiers of Armenia; afterwards in the Metrolopis of Iberia.