A King and No King: Contents


Dramatis Personæ
Prologues (Original, and at a Revival)
Act 1:
Scene 1Night. A Street.
Scene 2Lazarillo's Lodging
Scene 3An Apartment in the House of Count Valore
Act 2:
Scene 1A Room in Gondarino's House
Scene 2The Street.
Act 3:
Scene 1Another Room in Gondarino's House.
Scene 2A Court in the Palace.
Scene 4?A Room in the Mercer's House.
Act 4:
Scene 1An Antechamber in the Palace.
Scene 2The Street before the Bagnio.
Act 5:
Scene 1Lucio's Apartment. A Curtain in the back Part.
Scene 2A Room in the Palace.
Scene 3Another Street.
Scene 4The Street before the Bagnio.
Scene 5An Apartment in the Palace with a Gallery.
Epilogue (at a Revival)

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