Act 2, Scene I

Scene: A Vault under the temple


To whom now shall I cry? What power thus kneel to,
And beg my ravish'd honour back upon me?
Deaf, deaf, you gods of goodness, deaf to me,
Deaf heaven to all my cries; deaf hope, deaf justice!
I am abused, and you, that see all, saw it,
Saw it, and smiled upon the villain did it;
Saw it, and gave him strength: Why have I pray'd to ye,
When all the world's eyes have been sunk in slumbers?
Why have I then poured out my tears? kneel'd to ye?
And from the altar of a pure heart sent ye
Thoughts like yourselves, white, innocent, vows purer
And of a sweeter flame than all earth's odours?
Why have I sung your praises, strew'd your temples,
And crown'd your holy priests with virgin roses?
Is it we hold ye powerful, to destroy us?
Believe and honour ye, to see us ruin'd?
These tears of anger thus I sprinkle towards ye,
You that dare sleep secure whilst virgins suffer;
These stick like comets, blaze eternally,
Till, with the wonder, they have waked your justice,
And forced ye fear our curses, as we yours!

Enter THEANOR, and CRATES, with vizards.

My shame still follows me, and still proclaims me.
He turns away in scorn! I am contemn'd too
A more unmanly violence than the other:
Bitten, and flung away?—Whate'er you are,
Sir, you that have abused me, and now most basely
And sacrilegiously robbed this fair temple,
I fling all these behind me, but look upon me,
But one kind loving look, be what you will,
So from this hour you will be mine, my husband.—
And you, his hand in mischief, I speak to you too,
Counsel him nobly now; you know the mischief,
The most unrighteous act he has done; persuade him,
Persuade him like a friend, knock at his conscience
Till fair repentance follow. Yet be worthy of me.
And shew yourself, if ever good thought guided you:
You have had your foul will; make it yet fair with marriage;
Open yourself and take me, wed me now.
[THEANOR draws his dagger.
More fruits of villainy? Your dagger? Come;
You are merciful; I thank you for your medicine.

Enter NEANTHES, SOSICLES, and ERATON, disguised.

Is that too worthy too? Devil! thou with him!
Thou penny bawd to his lust! Will not that stir thee?
Do you work by tokens now? Be sure I live not,
For your own safeties, knaves. I will sit patiently:
But, as you are true villains, the devil's own servants,
And those he loves and trusts, make it as bloody
An act, of such true horror, Heaven would shake at;
'Twill shew the braver. Goodness, hold my hope fast,
And in thy mercies look upon my ruins,

Enter Six disguised, singing and dancing to a horrid music, and sprinkling water on her face.

And then I am right!—My eyes grow dead and heavy.—
Wrong me no more, as ye are men!
She's fast.
Away with her.
[Exeunt, bearing her off.