Act 5, Scene I

Scene: A Street.


De Gard.
'Twill be discovered.
That's the worst can happen:
If there be any way to reach, and work upon him,
Upon his nature suddenly, and catch him—That he loves,
Though he dissemble it and would show contrary,
And will at length relent, I'll lay my fortune;
Nay, more, my life.
De Gard.
Is she won?
Yes, and ready,
And my designments set.
De Gard.
They are now for travel
All for that game again; they have forgot wooing.
Let 'em; we'll travel with 'em.
De Gard.
Where's his father?
Within; he knows my mind too, and allows it
Pities your sister's fortune most sincerely;
And has appointed, for our more assistance,
Some of his secret friends.
De Gard.
'Speed the plough!
Well said:
And be you serious too.
De Gard.
I shall be diligent.
Let's break the ice for one, the rest will drink too
(Believe me, sir) of the same cup: My young gentlewoman
Wait but who sets the game a-foot; though they seem stubborn,
Reserv'd, and proud now, yet I know their hearts,
Their pulses how they beat, and for what cause, sir,
And how they long to venture their abilities
In a true quarrel. Husbands they must and will have,
Or nunneries, and thin collations
To cool their bloods. Let's all about our business;
And, if this fail, let Nature work!
De Gard.
You have armed me.