Act 3, Scene III

Scene: The open Country between the Camps.


The Roman is advanced; from yond' hill's brow
We may behold him, Caratach.
Let's thither;
[Drums within at one place afar off.
I see the dust fly. Now I see the body.
Observe 'em, Nennius; by Heaven, a handsome body,
And, of a few, strongly and wisely jointed!
Suetonius is a soldier.
As I take it,
That's he that gallops by the regiments,
Viewing their preparations.
Very likely;
He shows no less than general. See how bravely
The body moves, and in the head how proudly
The captains stick like plumes; he comes apace on.
Good Nennius, go, and bid my stout lieutenant
Bring on the first square body to oppose 'em,
And, as he charges, open to enclose 'em;
The queen move next with hers, and wheel about,
To gain their backs, in which I'll lead the vanguard.
We shall have bloody crowns this day, I see by't.
Haste thee, good Nennius; I'll follow instantly.
[Exit Nennius.
How close they march, as if they grew together.
No place but lined alike, sure from oppression!
They will not charge this figure; we must charge 'em,
And charge 'em home at both ends, van and rear;
[Drums in another place afar off.
They never totter else. I hear our music,
And must attend it. Hold, good sword, but this day,
And bite hard where I hound thee! and hereafter
I'll make a relic of thee, for young soldiers
To come like pilarims to, and kiss for conquests.