European Documentation Centre
University of Exeter

New accessions, December 1998

Amato, Giuliano: Antitrust & the bounds of power; the dilemma of liberal democracy in the history of the market (KV 17)
Andrews, Carole: EU enlargement: the political process (House of Commons Library research papers; 98/55) (KV 50)
Baudenbacher, Carl: A brief guide to European state aid law (KV 17)
Betten, Lammy & Grief, Nicholas: EU law & human rights (KV 12)
Blackstone's EC legislation. 9th ed 1998-9 (Nigel Foster)( KV 1)
Blanpain, Roger & Engels, Chris: European labour law. 5th rev.ed (KV 29)
Blum, Francoise & Logue, Anne: State monopolies under EC law (KV 17)
Bovis, Christopher: EC public procurement law (KV 13)
Butterworths EC legislation implementator 1997, issue 1 (EDC REF)
Collected courses of the Academy of European Law. 1995, Vol.VI,1
Constitutional reform & international law in Central & Eastern Europe, ed. Rein Mullerson (KV 2619)
Current & future perspectives on EC competition law; ed. L. Gormley (KV 17)
The developing immigration & asylum policies of the EU: adopted conventions etc. compilation & commentary Elspeth Guild (KV 30)
Ellis, Evelyn: EC sex equality law. 2nd ed. (KV 38)
Encyclopedia of EU law: constitutional texts [5 vols, looseleaf] (KV 1)
The European Company Statute: a consultative document (DTI)
The European Courts & national courts: doctrine & jurisprudence; ed. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Alec Stone Sweet, Joseph H.H. Weiler (KV 3)
European economic & monetary union: the institutional framework; ed. by Mads Andenas et al. (KV 22) Goyder, D.G.: EC competition law. 3rd ed (KV 17)
Grabbe, Heather: Enlarging the EU eastwards (Chatham House papers) (KV 50)
Grant, Wyn: The Common Agricultural Policy (KV 45)
Hasselbalch, Ole: European employment & industrial relations glossary: Denmark (KV 359)
Hervey, Tamara: European social law & policy (KV 37)
Hillyard, Mick & Barclay, Christopher: EU enlargement: the financial consequences (House of Commons Library research paper; 98/56) (KV 50)
Jansen, Rosa H.M. et al: European ambitions of the national judiciary (KV 3)
Kapteyn, P.J.G. & Verloren van Themaat, P: Introduction to the law of the European Communities. 3rd ed. (KV 2)
Key texts on justice & home affairs in the EU. Vol.1 (1976-1993): From Trevi to Maastricht (Statewatch) (KV 1)
Kingsdown revisited: a follow-up to the 1995 Kingsdown enquiry on the implications for Britain of economic & monetary union (Pamphlet KV 22)
Kirby, Simon: Cohesion & enlargement: pesrpectives for the European structural funds (Pamphlet KV 39)
Korah, Valentine: Cases & materials on EC competition law (KV 17)
Kramer, Ludwig: E.C. Treaty & environmental law. 3rd ed (KV 40)
Lasok, Dominik: The trade and customs law of the EU. 3rd ed. (KV 16)
Lasok, Dominik: Zarys prawa Unii europejskiej. 2: Prawo gospodarcze (KV 2)
Loewendahl, Ebru: Promises to keep - the reality of Turkey-EU relations (KV 14)
McGoldrick, Dominic: International relations law of the EU (KV 14)
Maduro, Miguel Piares: We the Court; the ECJ & the European economic constitution, a critical reading of Article 30 of the EC Treaty (KV 16)
Mayhew, Alan: Recreating Europe: the EU's policy towards Central & Eastern Europe (KV 50)
Merkin, Robert & Rodger, Angus: EC insurance law (KV 22)
Mutin, Marie-Therese: Pour un contrat social europeen (KV 37)
Plender, Richard: Procedure in the European Courts: comparisons & proposals (Recueil des cours/Academie de Droit Internationale; vol.267, 1997) (K 1)
The register of courses in European studies 1998/2000 in UK universities & university colleges (UACES) (EDC REF)
A route to EU appointments (European Faststream) (EDC REF)
Scott, Joanne: EC environmental law (KV 40)
Smits, Rene: The European Central Bank: institutional aspects (KV 22)
Steiner, Josephine & Woods, Lorna: Textbook on EC law. 6th ed (KV 2)
Torts: scope of protection (Common law of Europe casebooks) (KV 2)
Trade policy review: European Union 1997 (World Trade Organization)
Transnational trade union rights in the EDU: workshop summary (Swedish National Institute for Working Life) (KV 29)
Trying to make democracy work: the Nordic parliaments & the EU; ed. Matti Wiberg
Usher, John A: General principles of EC law (KV 2)
Weatherill, Stephen: EC consumer law & policy (KV 23)
Williams, David: EC tax law (KV 21)

European University Institute working papers
Artis, Michael J & Winkler, Bernhard: The stability pact; safeguarding the credibility of the European Central Bank (RSC no.97/54)
Artis, Michael J & Zhang, Wenda: On identifying the core of EMU (RSC no.97/52)
Benz, Arthur & Eberlein, Burkard: Regions in European governance (RSC 98/31)
Buti, Marco: European unemployment: contending theories & institutional complexities (Policy paper 98/1)
Charpentier, Louis: The ECJ & the rhetoric of affirmative action (RSC no.98/30)
Christiansen, Thomas: Legitimacy dilemmas of supranational governance; the EC between accountability & independence (RSC no.97/74)
The EC agencies between Community institutions & constituents: autonomy, control & accountability; ed. by Alexander Kreher
Ehlerman, Claud Dieter: Differentiation, flexibility, closer cooperation: the new provisions of the Amsterdam Treaty
Harlow, Carol: European administrative law & the global challenge (RSC no.98/23)
Harlow, Carol: Francovich & the problem of the disobedient state (RSC no.96/62)
Kersbergen, Kees van: Double allegiance in European integration (RSC no.97/15)
Kupchan, Charles A: Paradoxes of European foreign policy; from the EU to the Atlantic Union (RSC no.97/73)
Lenschow, Andrea: Transformation in European environmental governance (RSC)
McAleavy, Paul & De Rynch, Stefaan: Region or local? the EU's future partners in cohesion policy (RSC no.97/55)
Mandelson, Peter: The British presidency of the EU
Pallemaerts., Marc: Regulating exports of hazardous chemicals (RSC no.98/3)
Prodi, Romano: European industry & finance in international competition (20th Jean Monnet lecture)
Rist, Manfred: Die EU als journalistische Herausforderung; Qualitat im Spannungsfeld zwischen Infotainment und Sachinformation (RSC no.97/63)
Rowlands, Ian H: EU policy for ozone layer protection (RSC no.98/2)
Scharf, Fritz W: Combating unemployment in continental Europe (Policy paper 97/3)
Scharf, Fritz W: Balancing positive & negative integration: the regulatory options for Europe (Policy paper 97/4)

French law
Buffelan-Lanore, Yvaine: Droit civil: premiere annee (KV 1195)
Pactet, Pierre: Institutions politiques, Droit constitutionnel. 16e ed (KV 1177)
Starck, Boris: Droit civil: Les obligations. 2: Contrat. 6e ed. (KV 1196)
Starck, Boris: Obligations. 1: responsabilite delictuelle. 5e ed (KV 1196)
Strack, Boris: Obligations. 2: Regime general. 5e ed. (KV 1196)
West, Andrew et al: The French legal system. 2nd ed. (KV 1161)

German law
Bohlander, Michael & Latour, Christian: The German judiciary in the nineties
GmbH-Gesetz=German law pertaining to companies with limited liability. German-English text. 3rd rev.ed. (KV 2040)

Patrick Overy
5 January 1999