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I have recently completed a Ph.D. within the Exeter University Auxetic Materials Group, under the supervision of Professor Ken Evans. Before starting at Exeter University I spent some fifteen years working within the motor-racing and automotive industries. I spent the first three years here doing a degree in computer science, before I defected to the engineering department. Whilst studying I've continued to work in racing, as well as working as an author and restoring my old house - it's been a busy time!

...and this is a dreadful picture of me in my racing leathers (in 1998), shortly before I was due to line up for the start of a hillclimb. The previous time I raced this bike I was nearly killed in a high-speed crash, so perhaps I can be forgiven for not smiling at the camera!

...ten years on, this is what I look like now! These days I'm running an R&D company: Auxetix

...and here's my little girl with the rocking horse I made for her Xmas present! Tragically, her mother has taken her to live in Australia, so I only get to see her by travelling out there...

...and here's my eldest daughter, Gemma!

I also write the occasional book to subsidise my studies. Here are some of them!

I recently re-constructed this image from an old family seal - it is our coat of arms. At some stage I intend to find out whether I am related to the great Robert Hooke (1635 - 1703). I do know that my family was in the same area as his when he was alive, but I haven't found a definitive link yet. One day I'll have time to look into the matter further!
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