Exeter Branch

Welcome to Room 101

"A group for a good grumble"

There are many things that exercise us about the modern world and limited ways for us to articulate these gripes to (hopefully) like-minded people. Now you have the perfect opportunity to get things off your chest to a wider audience and learn about other members' grievances by joining the Exeter U3A Room 101 Group.

The group will meet monthly and members will be able to propose items to be consigned into Room 101. Topics will need to have a clear focus (we will not, for example, accept 'Dogs' as a proposal, but happy to consider a specific area of dog's behaviour) and proposers will need to put forward reasonable and justifiable arguments lasting no more than a few minutes. Examples (or stories) will be most welcome. Members of the group will be encouraged to support or question proposers' items, indeed audience participation will be essential to the success of the group. After suitable deliberation, members will then vote on the proposed item. If there is a majority decision, the item will be consigned to Room 101.

Depending on numbers, it is hoped that at least five or six items (hopefully more) will be put forward during any meeting. All members of the group will be invited to contribute items. Members will be encouraged to submit items in advance if at all possible, although proposals can be put forward on the day if time allows.

All items successfully consigned to Room 101 will be
reported on the group's website for others to see!

Click HERE for items already proposed and voted on for Room 101

We will endeavour to allow as wide a range of topics as possible, however, for obvious reasons, we will need to be selective. In our preliminary meetings we will establish a set of criteria for appropriate topics as well as ground rules to be adopted during meetings. The underlying principle will be that these get-togethers will be light-hearted and fun.

If you would like to be a member of this group or you have any questions, please email me (see below). It would be helpful if you could indicate any preferences for days and times although we cannot please everybody. Please include your Exeter U3A membership number. Non-members of U3A will not be eligible to join.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nick Birbeck