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Research Interests

I have a strong interest in structural buckling phenomena, particularly those leading to localizations and spatial chaos. Typical examples are the buckling of long, thin cylindrical shells under axial compression and struts resting on softening foundations. Such behaviour is inherently nonlinear and non-periodic but can be successfully modelled using methods from dynamical-systems theory.

Under certain loading conditions, such elastic structures can be analysed using both classical techniques developed in the past few decades based on the total potential energy functional and part-numerical methods which utilize some of the above results but also take advantage of modern numerical and symbolic computational tools. Here are some typical localized profiles for a strut resting on a softening foundation. I have tried to explain a little more about the behaviour of the strut problem here.

A new research front is the investigation of localization and ovalization of tubes in flexure. You can read about that here.

I have experience in the the application of bifurcation theory, the use of perturbation methods, numerical methods and computer programming.

Current research fronts:

Research grants held

Title Duration Co-investigator Associated Researcher Amount Funding body
Elastic localization and restabilization in the post-buckling of model structures 2000-2003 Dr Andrew Bassom Dr Ciprian D. Coman
(Oct 2000-Oct 2002)
Dr Andreas A. Aigner
(Jan 2003-Dec 2003)
£ 138K EPSRC GR/N05666/01

Ph. D. students

Olivier Meuric 1996-98 Numerical modelling of fluid flow in drilling processes
Edward Hirons 2007- Auxetic tubes and buckling of aeronautical structures

External travel funding

Event Date Location Sponsor Value
Third Biennial European Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis organized by ASME 1-4 July 1996 Montpellier, France The Royal Academy of Engineering £ 300
Fourth International Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation organized by SIAM 1-5 June 1998 Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO, USA The Royal Academy of Engineering £ 200
Workshop on Nonlinear Elasticity organized by Prof. Ray Ogden, Dr Yibin Fu and Dr Hui-Hui Dai 6-9 April 2000 City University of Hong Kong, China The Royal Academy of Engineering £ 300
ICIAM 2003 7-11 July 2003 Sydney, Australia The Royal Academy of Engineering £ 800
Visiting academic appointment,
University of Western Australia
July-August 2006 Perth, Australia The Royal Society of London £ 1000
Visiting academic appointment,
University of Western Australia
July-August 2008 Perth, Australia The Royal Academy of Engineering £ 500

Peer Review Activities: I have acted as a referee for the following:

Here are some nonlinear links to follow (shamelessly stolen from my brother, Ahmer (Overconfidentii vulgaris)).

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Some links to learned and professional organizations.

The Royal Society of London
The Royal Academy of Engineering
The Engineering Council
The Institution of Structural Engineers
The Institution of Civil Engineers
The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

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