About us

We are interested in understanding the evolution and ecology of infectious disease. Parasites and pathogens continue to cause a major burden to human health, cause significant damage in agriculture and are ubiquitous in nature. Our aim is to understand the evolution of parasites, of host defence and how infectious organisms spread, persist and affect their host populations.

We use a combination of evolutionary theory, laboratory experimental insect-virus systems, epidemiological models of human tropical disease, and field medical entomology. In addition we build specific ecological models of wildlife disease including avian malaria, squirrelpox virus and ladybird STDs.


  • Dr Alex Best took up a lectureship in mathematics at the University of Sheffield.
  • Dr Katherine Roberts joined the lab as a NERC funded PDRA in November 2012.
  • Steve Sharpe and Drew Wilson joined the lab as research technicians.
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