Loebner Contest - Round

This website is hosted by Kent McClymont of the University of Exeter.

This is the webcast of the 2012 Loebner Prize. New content should appear here from 1pm on Tuesday 15th May. The contest consists of 4 rounds of 4 conversations - the four conversations with four chatbots are shown below. When a new round is starting you will receive a notification at the top of the screen - please click on the link provided in this notification and the website will take you to the next round.

If you experience any problems viewing this site, please report these to k.mcclymont@exeter.ac.uk.

Each square of four panes represents two conversation between one judge and a human and an AI. The judge's questions appear in the bottom two panes. The responses of the human and AI appear in the top two panes but are deliberately not labelled. Can you tell the difference?

Competition Results

Congratulations Mohan Embar for winning the 2012 Loebner Prize.

1st Prize and the bronze medal was awarded to Chip Vivant by Mohan Embar ($5,000).

2nd Prize was awarded to Angela by Bruce Wilcox ($1,000)

3rd Prize was awarded to Adam by Daniel Burke ($750)

4th Prize was awarded to Linguo by M. Allan ($250)

Network Issue (fixed)

The missing sections of text from Round 3 have now been uploaded and those conversations are now complete.

Click here to see more information on the Loebner competition.