1st Understanding Problems Workshop (GECCO-UP)
The 1st workshop on Understanding Problems (GECCO-UP) is intended to establish a forum for the discussion and exploration of methods for the analysis and synthesis of optimisation problems through both theoretical and experimental methods. In addition to creating a session catering for the presentation of new methods related to problem understanding, the workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to review existing methods, submit position papers discussing potential frameworks and propose future areas of interesting research. Having reviewed the recent literature relating to optimisation problems the following key areas of active research will be of specific interest (although submissions are not limited to these areas):
  • creation of test problems;
  • experimental methods for analysing and detecting problem landscapes;
  • identifiers and metrics for describing problem features;
  • spatial descriptors;
  • problem space visualisation;
  • difficulty and complexity analysis;
  • analysis of dynamic problems;
  • analysis of noisy problems;
  • construction of problem taxonomies and theoretical foundations.
Important Dates
⇒ GECCO-UP Announcement: 12th December 2011
⇒ GECCO-UP First Call: 2nd January 2012
⇒ GECCO-UP Paper Submission: 28th March 2012 EXTENDED TO Monday 2nd April 2012
⇒ GECCO-UP Paper Notification of Acceptance: 9th April 2012   (11th)
⇒ GECCO-UP Paper Camera Ready Submission: 22nd April
⇒ GECCO-2012 Workshops: 7th & 8th July 2012
⇒ GECCO-2012 Conference: 7th to 11th July 2012
Programme Committee
⇒  Mr. Kent McClymont (Organiser) -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Edward Keedwell (Organiser) -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Emilia Tantar -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Alexandru-Adrian Tantar -- homepage
⇒  Mr. David Walker -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Hassab Elgawi Osman
⇒  Professor Sima Uyar -- homepage
⇒  Professor Sbalzarini Ivo Fabian -- homepage
⇒  Professor Deon Garrett -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Renato Tinós -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Ender Özcan -- homepage
⇒  Professor Richard Everson -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Ankur Sinha -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Heike Trautmann -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Erik Pitzer -- homepage
⇒  Dr. Andreas Beham -- homepage
Contact the Organisers
Please contact the organisers by email, k.mcclymont[at]exeter.ac.uk.