Ox Packages

This software runs under the Ox language. The console version of Ox is free to academic users from http://www.doornik.com/, for teaching and research purposes.

Time Series Modelling v4.52 for Ox 9
Go to http://www.timeseriesmodelling.com

OxJapi Version 2 for Ox 8 and Ox 9
This is the code that provides a Java front end for TSM,  under Windows. Write your own GUI applications for Ox!  Package includes an Ox class for creating OxJapi objects.  

 zip_button.jpg (1831 bytes)OxJapi2.zip


Bootstrap and Simulation Classes v.3

Updated version, August 2005. These classes provides the basis for Ox programs for computing and simulating parametric bootstrap tests. The double and fast double bootstraps, the wild bootstrap and the block bootstrap are implemented.  Programs written for Versions 1 and 2 will run unchanged. The zip file contains source code, PDF documentation and example programs.
zip_button.jpg (1831 bytes)Download Bootstrap and Simulation Classes v.