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Kite Flier's Site
Andrew Beattie's pages, packed full with lots of info and many useful pointers to the kite community. There's a Gallery section, interesting threads from the rec.kites newsgroup, lots of reference works and a great compendium of the knowledge of Ron Reich.

Kite info on the Internet
Peter Peters. A very good source for Internet kiters, with details of sites, clubs and shops. There is also a searchable index of many kites along with their pictures, a very useful windspeed reckoner and details of the KiteFlight simulator.

Kids, Kites and Education
Here's a very useful repository of information on projects and articles suitable for children, and how teachers can integrate kite-making into the curriculum.

Captain Dick
Another fauna-bombing enthusiast, Captain Dick of The Rainbear Skydive Corps shows us how he does it with fluted sleds, and even makes his own teddybears!

Kiting adventures from Switzerland - Jean Gabriel Elia has presented some excellent quality photographs of kiting events in many different countries .

Dorf's Pages
Thomas Dorf Nielsen's pages, from Denmark, include plans for a blowfish windsock, a line ferry and a box kite. There are also details of the Danish Kite Club [DDK] mailing list. Very friendly.

Kite Paradise
A very graphics-heavy site by Detlef Beyer. There is a strong, eye-catching style to this site, and those of you on slow links may well have to make several cups of coffee while it downloads, but the wait will be worth it. There is a very nice gallery of kite pictures, with cunningly retouched backgrounds - for example see the Stranger. He is also attempting to index and 'rate' kites sites on his Hot Links page. Netscape 2.0 at least and a fast connection recommended for full effect...

Herman Peeters
A small but concise homepage, with some details of the Raaseri and the Titlis, an ultra-high aspect ratio delta stunt kite.

Midlands Kite Flyers of Great Britain
Details of the MKF club, it's fly-ins, membership scheme and insurance as well as a useful document about the Air Navigation Order in the UK.

Australian Kiteflyers Society
Pleasing to the eye, this site is not just for aussies. Great section on festivals and two plans available - Suruga and Yatko, both Japanese paper and bamboo kites.

Bernhard Malle and Robert Pudlo [unavailable 8/12/96]
An informative site from these two kitemakers; including plans for several kites such as a Cody and a 7m Octopus.

Jason's Kite Site
Jason Hellwege. A gallery with pictures of one and two line kites, including some buggy-action.

Tom Jackson
Small site but nice graphics of sports kites. Look here for details of the Fizz Kites range.

Artistic Kite Group
A real feast for the eyes, this is a very, er, artistic site. Charlie Charlton keeps this site full of information on the AKG, plans, articles (see the ones on painting and dyeing ripstop) and pictures on the aesthetic side of kiting. No discussions on copyright here, of course :-)

Power Kiting
Philip Chase has all sorts of power kiting info; boating, buggying, skating, skiing etc. This site has not been updated for quite a while now and some of the links do not work.

Kevin Lahey
Kevin Lahey maintains a very useful front-end for browsing the Hawaii image archive.

Kites at Surrey
Andy Tate's UK-biased site, growing out of his earlier gopher site. Comprehensive and regularly updated lists of UK shops, groups and events.

KAP - Kite Aerial Photography
All you've ever wanted to know about Kite Aerial Photography - a comprehensive site maintained by Charles Benton, with details of kites and equipment.

Carl Crowell
A wonderful collection of kite images and descriptions from different artists, plus the 'Digital Kite' ezine. Well worth a look. Includes some plans, e.g. Flowform and Wolf Genki, and a KAP archive.

Australian Kite Association
Australian Kite Association. Very well presented site, including a good section on the history of Hargraves' kites, and a good article about Helen Bushell.

Dave Lord
Dave Lord's musing on the kite world. There is much to investigate here, and he's noble enough to post some stunter plans too.

Kai's Kite Site
Kai Griebenow has made a very friendly site - he specialises in single liners, and beautiful appliqué work - e.g. 'Danger of the Sun'. Make sure you check out the Roks and Kimono kites too.

Tethered Flight
Michael Graves has given a very professional look to these pages, featuring his own kites and many others, including details of the 2nd Canadian Parabear Regiment.

Japanese Kites
The Sumitomocorp (a metals company) offer these lyrical pages. Beware tho', the images are large and the site normally a bit slow (from the UK anyway...).

The Revolution Simulator
From the German Institute of Flight Mechanics, find out about RevSim, how to fly a Rev on your PC. Drat, there's no Macintosh version...

Kite Classified Ads
This isn't a commercial site, but a place you can post a message about any used kites you want to buy, sell or trade. Great idea!


The Kite that got Stuck
A cautionary tale, from a small-person's point of view. I think this is wonderful, but then i'm biased ...

Ben's Cartoon
A fantasy of flight...

Matthew and Jake Fly a Kite
A very silly story, with alternative endings!


The Kiteshop
The Kite Shop in Southampton claims to be 'Europe's first on-line kite shop'. Check out this nicely presented site, with a good selection from Flexifoil, Powerhouse and Fizz and on-line ordering facility.

Chinese Kite Shop
A very eye-catching site with a lot of information on Chinese kites, as well as an on-line ordering system. In English and French.

Gomberg International
The new home of David Gomberg, his kites, books and pins. Well worth a visit for the fascinating info on Japanese kites and excerpts from his 'How-to-fly...' books.

The Kite Store
A massive online catalog for all kiting and buggying needs, and a great gallery too. Well worth a visit.

Blue Ridge Kites
Single and dual line kites to order. Worth a visit for the background graphic!

Clearwater Products
Hard to find replacement spars for that Flexi or Rev? This is the place to look.

Into The Wind
Not an awful lot here, but they do give details for obtaining their free printed catalogue.

Stafford's Indian Fun Kites
That jovial man and his Indian fighters (whoops, sorry Stafford FUN kites...). Mostly an advertisement but, hey, his kites are really good, and can be bought flight-tested!

Once Upon a Breeze
A professionally presented site, with a very nice catalogue section and some great pictures. This is a good site to browse, since it has examples of most types of kites available.

Sky Vision Kites
See their competition range, e.g. Flash Fire, Spirit etc and even order on-line. An eye-catching site this, and there's more here than just the catalogue.

Kite Plans

Paper Diamond
The Big Wind Kite Factory in Hawaii gives instructions for building a simple paper-fold diamond. A good simple classroom exercise.

Plastic Sled
A fun to make and VERY cheap sled kite from trash bag and straws by Kel Kroschell. See his other mini-kites too!

Paper Sled
Ideal classroom kite! Tried and tested with children 6-11 years, loads of fun.

Other Internet Sites

Festival List
Download the latest festival information from here (that's if you can get through to netcom...) It's sorted by country, by month, or the whole lot at once. Great service provided by Chuck Sigal.

... has disappered!

Sven Hapke at The University of Bremen, Germany, provides this mirror site to the one in Hawaii. Because of the demise of the Hawaii site, I don't know if this one will be updated. You could also try for a more pleasant interface.

Search Engines

Two links are provided for each search engine: choose the site name for general use, choose [search] to specifically look for kites.

I hope you enjoy these links, and please drop me a line if there are any sites you've come across that I could add, or if you that find a URL doesn't work.

Happy Hunting!

Some Comments...

Every month, the Internet seems to expand exponentially, as does the number of sites devoted to kites. There are lots ! Once a user hits the Web though, they're faced with a problem: where is all this information kept? You can do what I do, which is to use some of the excellent search tools available. It can take a lot of time to search and if you are on a dial-up connection, time is money. In order to help out those starting to browse the Web, here is a collection of sites to visit. Look on them as just the start of a trek through the internet, which often leads to unusual and strange places. I've also added the URL's of some search tools so you can look even deeper...

Actually, the number of sites has grown so much that I really do not have the time to produce a comprehensive list; I'll just concentrate on those that have grabbed my attention/imagination. You could do a lot worse than take advantage of the massive effort put in at Andrew's or Peter's sites, 'cos they're absolutely chock full brimming to the gills with links.

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John Staplehurst updated: 9/1/98