The Official Patrick Nagel Archive is now

A Nagel Image...
Yes, that's right...
The official @Nagel site is complete and ready for your visit

The site contains a gallery of images to view (including previously unpublished works), a biographical section, a discussion forum on Patrick Nagel's work and a high quality print ordering service.

Why are there no pictures at this site?

When I saw the images on Randy Tom's kite called 'Seven Sisters' at a kite festival I thought - what a great inspiration for kite artists. The clean lines, super appliqué work and bold images seemed ideal for a display kite. I spent a while looking for other Patrick Nagel images hither and yon about the internet. I found that many of his pictures had been digitised and were available. I assumed (wrongly) that since a lot of these images were re-drawn and not just scans that the original copyright would not apply. In retrospect this seems a not overly intelligent assumption to have made...
On March 16th I received a message from a representative of the copyright holder requesting the removal of these images. With much regret (it took me quite a while to create the archive although it did teach me a lot about image-maps :-) I closed the site. I respect the position and wishes of the copyright holders and have no wish to infringe their legal rights.
I will update this site with new information about the official Patrick Nagel site as and when I receive it. I feel that perhaps others might take advantage of my experiences here and read the following notice.

The copying and distributing of images and text in which copyright exists is illegal and damaging to the copyright holder. Information published in any form may be assumed to be an intellectual property and therefore be protected unless explicitly stated otherwise.
I apologise for any harm that may have been caused by hosting the Nagel images at this site.

John Staplehurst : 23/10/96