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12/11/01: Dutch version of the Sled Project Many many satisfied customers
since 5/1/96
Want to find some more kites? You need Links'R'us !
Pictures? You want pictures? Well, all right then...
In the Exeter area? Join us at the local Fly-in...
My daughter Katy wrote a story about kites at school, have a look at it.
Stay glued to your monitor... it's time for Pictures that Move! Come and look at my Video Clips
This small Japanese paper and bamboo kite, a Sukeroku, was bought from a Japanese bookshop in London. It's so nice, I don't think I dare take it out to give it a fly!
Watch out for details of kite plans suitable for a kite-making workshop. Currently available is the ever-popular Sled, (photos coming after the christmas vacation.) and a Jim Rowlands design called the Skipper is being worked up real soon ;-)
Under development (when I've time...): An article on Chris Sand's Buggy and Traction Kite.

Mission Statement:
Hi! If this is your first visit, welcome; otherwise, nice to see you again!

You have accessed the front page of Exeter Kite Central, offering a variety of kite related pages and links. I'm gradually getting the material together, but if anyone tells you that authoring web pages is a doddle, they're lying! Putting up links to other peoples sites is easy enough but providing content is a more demanding and time-consuming task. For your information, the navigation bar at the bottom of each page has the date of the last update of that page, so you can see if stuff has changed between visits. BTW, if you're confused by the little icons on the bar, you can get some help by hitting the HELP!!! button.

I hope you will find your visit worthwhile and I would be pleased to receive any comments you may have on either the content or layout. Just hit the mail button at the bottom of this page and send me a quick note. (Make sure you include your real email address if you want a reply!)

John Staplehurst : Mon, Nov 12, 2001