Macintosh IRC Software

MacIRC 0.9.6

System Requirements: At least System 7.0 and Open Transport 1.1.1 or better, I guess...oh yes, and a Mac ;-)
The current version of MacIRC runs on Macintosh and compatible computers/emulators with 68020 processors or higher. It is also available in a native PowerPC version. Minimum disk space requirements are approximately 350K for the 680x0 and 500K for the PowerPC version. MacIRC prefers 1500K of RAM, but can make do with much less if you don't often connect to multiple servers and channels.
If you are still running MacTCP...
You can download version 0.9.4 which does not require OT. This is not a full-featured version, but works well.
Cost: MacIRC is shareware. If you like the program and want to keep on using it legally, you must register by paying the shareware fee ($20 US or AUS). See the 'Help' dialog of the 'About MacIRC...' menu for details.
Documentation: There is some basic help available when running the program. Choose 'Help' from the 'About MacIRC...' menu item.
Pros and Cons: This is a nice looking package, with a very different feel to the others. There are a few small cosmetic problems with the windows not tiling properly, but it seems to be the most stable of all the Mac clients I've used and has a good 'Mac' feel to it. It also offers some form of 'Bot control, for those who like that kind of thing, and it does let you connect to multiple servers, or even different networks.
Getting Started:
  • Download MacIRC.
  • You can get this manual by BigMacAk, in stand-alone DocMaker format [192k];
  • or read the MacIRC Documentation page

    [As soon as I've time, I'll write another page similar to the other quickstart pages already available here]

John Staplehurst updated: 27/10/97