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ChatNet 2.0.8

System Requirements: Macintosh SE or higher, including the PowerPC; System 7.0 or higher. Uses 750K of RAM. No network server is required. Accelerated for the Power Macintosh. MacTCP or Open Transport compatible.
Cost: A free demo is available. It allows 20 minutes of IRC time per login or unlimited time for up to 3 AppleTalk users. To register the demo as a full working version, use the registration form included with the demo. The Personal Edition is US$25
Documentation: ChatNet User's Manual is provided with the distribution. This is a very readable, informative interactive document and should solve most of your problems. I wish all software was documented this well!
Pros and Cons: Almost unique amongst IRC clients, ChatNet provides filtering of both channels and content for naughty words during sessions; surely a strong selling point for concerned parents and educators. This seems a well thought out system incorporating password protection. The screens are informative and really quite intuitive to use and the application seems very stable. Con's? Well, I'm not keen on having yet another system extension installed by ChatNET, but maybe that's OK for you.
Getting Started: See Chapter 3 of the User Manual included in the download.

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ichat 2.2

System Requirements: The ichat Plug-in 2.2 for Macintosh needs: a Macintosh with a 680x0 or PowerPC processor; Netscape Navigator version 3.0 or better.
Cost: Absolutely nothing! (Although you need to register to download the software)
Documentation: Online help from the ichat guide.
Pros and Cons: Well, it's free... This seems like a good idea, but you can normally only access i-chat servers hosting 'rooms', although there is a rudimentary IRC service available.
Getting Started: Go to the download page, select the platform you require and follow instructions to install in your Netscape plug-ins folder;
Restart Netscape and try here for a chat, or attempt to connect to some IRC servers.

Snak 4.8 Homepage:
System Requirements: PowerPC, MacOS 9.x; Ram and disk space requirements are both 4 Mb
Cost: 30 days free evaluation, then $20 to keep using it.
Documentation: Comes with an html manual that should sort most of your problems. There is no online support.
Pros and Cons: Anybody care to write me an evaluation comment?
Getting Started: Goto the download page, and follow the instructions.

John Staplehurst updated: 19/11/2001