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1 You send messages to the channel by typing in the Inputline window:

The Input window

Anything you type here will be seen by everyone on the channel, press return to send. You will see it appear in the Channel window in a different colour from the rest of the messages. You can use the P (plain), B (bold), U (underline) and ab (inverse) buttons to add emphasis to your messages, although you should use them sparingly.

2 You may want to send a private message to another user, one that only they can see. To do this:
    The userlist window
  • Select the user's name in the Userlist window;
  • Click the Msg button button or type 'command-M';
  • The message command and username appear in the Inputline window (in the example on the right, '/MSG blunt1 ' would be pasted in;
  • Add the text of your message and send it;
  • The text will appear in the Channel window, in a different colour again to show it's a private message.

  • Note: Ircle keeps a list of all the users you have sent a private message to. If you want to send another private message to a user, press the tab key until the username you want appears in the Inputline window.
  • If you are going to have an extended private conversation with someone, select their name in the Userlist window and click the Query button button. This will open a new Private chat window. Any message you send with this window active will be sent to that user only. In order to send messages to the main channel, either choose the channel name from the Windows menu, or type command-' to switch windows.

You can send a 'non-verbal' message by using the action command. There is no shortcut available for this, you have to type the command '/ME '. For instance, if I type:
/ME laughs uncontrollably
This message is produced:
clik laughs uncontrollably

If you are going to be occupied with something else briefly during your chat session, instead of closing the connection you can use the away command. Type 'command-Y', followed by a reason if you wish. For instance, if I type:
/AWAY answering the phone...
I see this message:
You have been marked as away
and other users will see this message:
click is away answering the phone...

In order to 'come back' you just type 'command-Y' again.

5 Operator in the UserlistIf you have any problems or need help while on-line, look in your Userlist for a name in red - this will be a channel operator. These nice people will be only too happy to help you out.

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