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IRC is the internet's 'chat' protocol, allowing people to have real-time public discussions on subject-specific channels, private communication and data transfer services. It is a popular service spread across several different nets hosting many thousands of users at a time.

Choosing and setting up a client for IRC can be a difficult task (even on a mac :-). These pages should give you some information enabling you to make your choice of client and get it up and running with a minimum of fuss. If you do experience problems that can't be solved by the client's help files, email me and I'll try and give some advice.

The Software

Client Features
Chatnet Logo ChatNet 2.0.8 Content filtering available. Also runs as a client-client system using AppleTalk.
Snak 4.8 Aggressively maintained, stable client. Many features.
Homer logo Homer 0.94 An old favourite, but it no longer works with many IRC servers.
ichat logo ichat 2.2 Works as a plugin for Navigator 3.x or 4.x browsers. Aimed at users of 'Rooms' web servers, basic IRC possible.
ircle logo ircle 3.0.4 The most fully featured client available. Handles scripting, sound, faces, pop-ups, DCC etc exceptionally well.
MacIRC 0.9.6 A strong contender. Multiple channels, nice interface, sounds and scripting available.
Netscape Chat logo Netscape Chat 2.0 No longer a supported product, the functions are now subsumed into Netscape Communicator.

Web-Based Sevices

Service Requirements
OptiChat Netscape 2 or better, Explorer 4.
Only a few rooms, and response time is often slow.
EZTalk Netscape 2 or better, Explorer 3 or better.
Requires Java, but other IRC clients can connect via, port 6667.

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