Quick Start guide for...Homer

  1. Double-click the application iconto start Homer;
  2. After the start-up screen disappears, you will see this connection dialog box:

    Homer will now attempt to connect to the server...

    In the event of a connection attempt failing, you will see a dialog box which will warn you that another attempt will be made in three seconds. If you wish to quit, or choose another server, click the Change Connection Settings button.

  3. You will know when you've got a connection, because the Console window will appear, and the server's welcome announcement will be visible, like this:

  4. Choose New Channel from the File menu, and you will see a dialog box like this:

  5. You will now see the Message window appear, looking something like this:

    This window is where all the communication from other IRC users on the channel will be displayed. You can see in the example above that status information has been displayed. In the first line, the topic is stated; in the second line appears the list of current user's nicknames; the last line is an announcement of a user joining the channel.

    The buttons and controls at the top of this window can be ignored for the time being; they are not essential to an IRC session.
  6. You can see who is 'on channel' at any time by looking at the User List window. Here's one I made earlier...

    Now move and resize this window to the left of the message window.

  7. The final window you can see is the Input window; move this so it nestles comfortably under the main message window:

  8. Now you can go and enjoy your chat...

  9. To quit Homer,

That's all folks!

John Staplehurst updated: 21/7/97