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You cannot d/l from there, but you can obtain a copy of Homer from most on-line Mac Archives, just go to your local info-mac mirror site and find the directory: /comm/inet/homer-094.hqx
In the UK, get it from the Imperial College mirror.
System Requirements: You need to be running System 7.0 or higher with MacTCP installed.
Cost: Homer is shareware. If you like the program and want to keep on using it legally, you can register by paying the shareware price (US $25, UK £20 or equivalent). See the 'Contact' section of the Help dialog.
Documentation: Online. If you use the 'Help...' item in the Apple Menu, you will open a dialog box with details of the program and how to set it up.
Pros and Cons: Homer's main advantage is the 'mac-feel' of the interface. There is a button on-screen to do most of the common activities you will need in an IRC session which makes this a good choice for the chat neophyte. This is also it's disadvantage, since IRC was built around a command line interface. To do more complex commands, you still need to type them in, which feels wrong in this application. I should also point out here that about 80% of the queries I get are related to Homer, and it's instability. Blue-cow have been threatening a new release for ages, but I'm not holding my breath, especially since their web site has vanished...
Getting Started: Check out this quick-start information.

Personal Note: I'm sure Homer has it's devotees and admirers, but I think it's days are over. I get so much mail about problems with it that I wish it'd just disappear gracefully into a diffuse cloud of bits...
Homer will NOT work with Undernet servers, and is remarkably unstable otherwise. I strongly urge you to use another client - they will serve you better.

John Staplehurst updated: 21/7/97