Gareth D. Myles


Professor of Economics

Department of Economics

University of Exeter

United Kingdom




Welcome to my home page. I try to update this when time permits but this is never as frequently as I would wish. The pages contain a variety of content. Some personal background is provided, including a collection of views of the River Dart. This can be accessed by following the link: Personal. There is also some self-publicity for my professional activities. Included in this are links to Amazon to ease purchase of the books I have written or edited. There is also a range of teaching materials for students. If you wish to contact me, my email address is


Academic Activities


Curriculum Vitae

My CV can be downloaded from: Curriculum Vitae.



Students looking for lecture notes, handouts and past exams should follow the link to the teaching pages. Teaching



Descriptions of the books I have written and edited, plus pdfs of work-in-progress, links to publishers’ websites and to Amazon to allow purchases, can be found here: Books



A description of my research interests is given in the research pages. The pdf files for many of my papers can also be found here: Papers


Journal Editing

Links to the journals with which I have enjoyed editorial positions are given here: Journals