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APET   Public Economic Theory 2005, Marseille
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1. Reaching Marseille
Information to prepare your journey to Marseille.

2a. Hotels Booking
Access to general online reservation site.
List of selected hotels near the conference.

2b. Hotels Map
Localtion of the selected Hotels with respect to the conference site (blue circle).

3. Transport in Marseille
All the relevant information to move in the city centre.

4. General Map
General map of the centre town with the Congress Site.

5. Congress Site Access Map
Focus on the Congress Site Location and Entrance.

Coalition Theory Network Session for PET05
The Coalition Theory Network will organise several sessions within the PET05. CTN encourages the development and the circulation of new research on coalition theory and group formation. Straightforward application of such theories is important in both economical and political areas, such as the study of international negotiations, the analysis of coalition formation in parliaments and the cabinet formation, the cartel stability in various industries and finally, group formation in various sociological environments.

Submission of papers on these topics is open until, March, 31st.

Touristic Information on Marseille
You want to discover Marseille, you can find a lot of useful information in this site.

If you know of a relevant web site that you would like to see listed here, please email us.


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