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Call for Papers

Institut D'Economie Publique - 4 th Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet

Proposal Deadline: March 4, 2005
Complete Paper Deadline: March 4, 2005

This conference, which uses Open Conference Systems developed by the Public Knowledge Project, enables participants to submit abstracts and papers online at

Submitted Presentations can include:

• Multiple paper sessions (overview max of 2000 words)
• 4 pages proposal (preference will be given to full papers) (abstract max of 2000 words)
• Complete paper (abstract max of 200 words)

Call for Papers Announcement

1. Main Topics

As usual, the conference aims at encouraging the production and diffusion of high quality research in public economics, both applied and theoretical. Are especially (but not exclusively) requested papers in the following broad categories of topics:

- Taxation (including transfers, social security, etc.)
- Local Public Economics and Geographical Economics
- Fiscal Federalism
- Provision of public goods
- Externalities
- Political Economy
- Auctions and public markets
- Regulation of firms
- Law and economics
- Environment
- Health Economics
- Education
- Normative foundation of public intervention and Social Choice
- Income Inequalities
- Macroeconomic Policy

2. Keynote Lectures

Along with contributed papers organized in parallel sessions, the program of the conference will include keynote lectures :

- Avinash Dixit,
- Matthew O. Jackson and
- John E. Roemer.

3. Deadlines

Submissions (which should at least take the form of a four pages abstract) must be received no latter than February 28, 2005.

All submitted papers will be examined by the scientific committee and a decision will be communicated to submitters no latter than March 30, 2005.

Submissions are to be sent electronically using the site.

All the deadlines are reported in the conference schedule menu of the site.

4. Organizing Committee


- John Conley (Vanderbilt University)
- Nicolas Gravel (CSH, Delhi, IDEP-GREQAM)
- Alain Trannoy (EHESS, IDEP-GREQAM)
- Myrna Wooders (Vanderbilt University)


- James Andreoni
- Charles Blackorby
- Robin Boadway
- Prakash Chander
- Youngsub Chun
- Steven Coate
- Pierre-Philippe Combes
- Cecilia Garcia-Peñalosa
- Dominique Henriet
- Hubert Kempf
- Kai Konrad
- Cuong Le Van
- Paulo Monteiro
- Tom Nechyba
- Franck Page
- Pierre Pestieau
- Jean-Charles Rochet
- Lise Rochaix
- Daniel Rubinfeld
- Frédéric Rychen
- James Snyder
- Eyal Winter
- Tanguy Van Ypersele

Local organizing Committee

- Isabelle Mauduech, Executive chief, IDEP
- Yves Doazan, Communication, IDEP
- Najat Louragh, Secretary, IDEP


copyright 2009 Myrna Wooders