Economics BEE 3019 2016

LecturersDr. Surajeet Chakravarty and Prof. David Kelsey

Office hours tba, Room 1.21, Streatham Court.

Assessment 30% essay, 70% examination

PrerequisiteBEE2016 and BEE2017 Intermediate Microeconomics I & II.



For textbook purchase, Cooter and Ulen is overall the best. The other books are more specialised reading for particular topics.

OverviewThe course covers a selection of advanced topics on economic analysis of legal institutions.

Course Outline and Reading List

  1. Contract Law(SC)

  2. Property Rights (DK)The Coase theorem, the tragedy of the commons, the anti commons.

  3. Economics of the Legal Process(SC)

  4. Tort Law (DK)Strict Liability, Negligence, Unilateral versus Bilateral accidents, Risk aversion and insurance.

  5. Intellectual Property Rights(DK)Patents, copyright and trade secrets.

  6. *Corporate Law(SC)

  7. Health, Safety and Environmental Risks(SC)

* Denotes essential reading