David Kelsey
David Kelsey
MA, MPhil, DPhil Oxon.,

Current position

Professor of Economic Theory (Since 2004).


Office: Streatham Court 1.21
Office hours: Wednesdays 2-4pm
Phone (Personal): (01392) 722536
Fax (School) (01392) 723242
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Research Interests

Most of my research is concerned with choice under uncertainty and its applications in economics and finance. In particular I have been concerned with ambiguity (decisions where some or all of the relevant probabilities are unknown). A major area of research has been the impact of ambiguity in games. Applications include partnerships, asset pricing and the law of liability. Currently I am working on experimental tests of these theories.

I have recently been working on a Leverhulme funded project on decision-making within firms. Topics studied will include how corporate governance influences behaviour in the product market. I am particularly interested in the factors which influence the way firms are organised e.g. the choice between for-profit firms, cooperatives and partnerships. This will be relevant for issues such as mergers and corporate governance.

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