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here are some of my manuscripts in pdf format. Some older files may not be shown properly within a browser window. In this case download the file and then view or print it.


An Experiment on Forward versus Backward Induction: How Fairness and Levels of Reasoning Matter. written jointly with with Rosie Nagel, this version: 09.05.2008
Finding Neutral Optima in Informed Principal Problems with Common Values." written jointly with Miltos Makris, this version: 10.03.2008
On Extended Liability in a Model of Adverse Selection.this version: 26.11.2004
On the Evolutionary Selection of Nash Equilibrium Components. , written jointly with Karl Schlag, this version: 19.02.2003
Bargaining Power, Judgement Proofness and the Impact of Vicarious Lender Liability
Invariance Properties of Persistent Equilibria and Related Solution Concepts , written jointly with Mathijs Jansen and Dries Vermeulen
On the Interpretation of Evolutionarily Stable Sets , written jointly with Karl Schlag
Evolutionary Stability in Asymmetric Population Games , written jointly with Karl Schlag
Strictness, Evolutionary Stability and Repeated Games with Common Interests
Strictness and Evolutionary Stability
An Experiment on Forward- versus Backward Induction
Beiträge zur Hierarchie der bimodularen isolierten Singulatitäten, Vol. 1 (in German) written jointly with Richard Bauer and Franz Josef Bilitewski.

Dieter Balkenborg
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