BEEM109 Experimental Economics and Finance

  1. week 1
    slides of lecture;
    Selten's discussion on bounded rationality;
    The guessing game;
    Login to veconlab via KIOSK;

  2. week 2
    slides of lecture on the guessing game;
    Article by Camerer on guessing game;
    Article by Holt on pit market;
    Our experiment;
    Overview on double auction markets;
  3. week 3
    Experiments on finacial markets, overview by Sunder;
    classic paper on experimental asset markets;
    More on bubbles;
    More on bubbles;

  4. week 4
    Lecture handout;

  5. week 5
    Camerer on fairness and trust;
    Camerer and Fehr on fairness;
    Trust games;
    peasants and dictators;
Dieter Balkenborg
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