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Welcome to my Website!

I am a lecturer in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter and Assistant Director of Education for Mathematics and Computer Science. I also lead the Education and Scholarship team in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.


I am a representation theorist, which means that I study the ways that an algebra can act on something. The symmetries of a cube are an example of a representation of a certain algebra. My mathematical research concerns the study of certain (representations of) algebras arising in quantum field theory. There are connections to diagram algebras, statistical mechanics and quantum groups. My education-based research focuses on issues around curriculum design, including assessment and feedback, the research-teaching nexus, employability and widening participation. For further information please select the research tab.


I will be teaching on three undergraduate mathematics modules over the course of the year at the University of Exeter. These include a third year module on graph theory and a first year module on mathematical research skills. I also teach on our two HEA-accredited staff development programmes, PCAP and LTHE, and I sit on the HEA-accredited ASPIRE CPD scheme management group. Additional information can be obtained by selecting the Teaching tab.

Please note: This website is intended to be my personal site as well as supporting my work at the University of Exeter. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own and do not represent the views or policies of the University of Exeter.

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