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The 1980s and 1990s have been perhaps the most turbulent and exciting period in the history of South Africa, and Exeter University Library, UK, has been fortunate in acquiring a collection that reflects some of the passion and anguish of those who lived through the period of apartheid and beyond. Mervyn Bennun, former lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Exeter, was active in the ANC during its period of exile in the UK; he amassed a rich collection of books, newspapers, newspaper indexes and digests, pamphlets and manuscripts, much of it - and this is perhaps the Collection's greatest strength - produced by the ANC itself. To this generous gift of Mr Bennun's has been added the smaller collection of the records and memorabilia of the Exeter Anti-Apartheid Group, which was one of the longest established and most active in the UK anti-apartheid movement. It offers a fascinating profile of a local political pressure group. The Collections are housed together in the locked section of the Old Library in the University of Exeter. If you want to consult them, or make some other enquiry, please email Stuart Macwilliam.
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