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This page allows you to download the dbCindex program for Windows 95/98, described in the notes on making your own database of reference material. It also contains a list of bugs and limitations with current versions of dbCindex, recent new facilities and fixed bugs, and a wishlist for upgrades in future versions.

Downloading dbCindex

There are two things you might want to do: At present, when you run dbczip.exe, you may get a warning about the licence on winzip self-extractor.  You can ignore this - the licence problem is being sorted out.

Bugs and limitations

The following bugs are thought to occur in the version of dbCindex compiled on 29/11/99; they may or may not be present in earlier versions. If you are suffering other bugs, and have an earlier version, you may want to download the more recent version, using the information above, in the hope that I have meanwhile fixed them.  I welcome reports of any further bugs you find.

New facilities and fixed bugs

The following list includes facilities have been added recently, and bugs that are now believed to be fixed. If you have any recurrence of the bugs listed here, you may want to update your version of the program - but if it persists with a version later than that specified in this list, please let me know


The following is a list of ideas for  improvements (over and above correcting actual bugs), some originating with me and some sent in by users.  Where relevant I've added comments (in italics) which might help other users who are feeling the same need.  I remove items from this list if I get round to implementing them. Please feel free to send me additional ideas, or to comment on how important any of these are:
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